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Fore Street Temporary Division

Temporary Candidate Management Process

The following applies to all Temporary staff; the process also applies to Permanent staff where applicable.

  • Fore Street is responsible for the recruitment of Temporary and Permanent Staff.
  • All staff are screened over the telephone to access suitability. (In cases such as sales, customer service and marketing roles this may take place after the interview).
  • Suitable applicants will then receive an interview with Fore Street
  • Fore Street will ask for at least 5 years work history (where applicable), two references (character/work) and documentary evidence with proof of eligibility to work in the UK.
  • Face to Face interviews will take place at Fore Streets offices in Hertford (or at an alternative location if required by the client).
  • All applicants must complete Fore Streets standard application forms and assessment tests. (When requested by client)
  • Fore Street (based on the information supplied by the candidate) will carry out an in-depth interview with particular reference to past experience, skills, employment periods and indicators as to reliability, suitability and motivation.
  • Fore Street will provide a full job description, hours of work, duties and description of the nature of the company to all Temporary and Permanent staff.
  • Each Candidate will be provided with a description of how Fore Street operate and guide lines on what is expected of a Temporary member of staff 'Working with Fore Street'.Terms of Engagement are issued to all staff.
  • All Temporary staff will work under the P.A.Y.E system Fore Street keep records and abide by the Health and Safety legislation with regards to WTD.
  • Fore Street do everything to encourage Temporary staff to take paid annual leave. Temporary staff may claim SSP.



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